Curriculum vitae

A faculty developer with a decade of experience designing, facilitating, and evaluating learning, programs, staff development, and other large and small projects.  An instructional designer with significant experience in developing learning experiences for various populations, including professionals, educators, senior citizens, and nontraditional students.   An avid collaborator seeking out opportunities to build bridges and use innovative approaches to achieve goals along individual, programmatic, departmental, and institutional lines.


University of Massachusetts, Boston: 2015-Present. PhD: Higher Education. ABD: Dissertation Focus: Scholarly Research and Academic Piracy
University of Massachusetts, Boston MA, 2013. MEd: Instructional Design
Suffolk University, 2008: Masters: Public Administration.
University of Massachusetts, Boston, 2006: MA: American Studies
North Shore Community College, 2004. AD: Criminal Justice
Salem State University, 2001. BA: History

Designing Education ExperienceS

College Unbound, Providence, MA
Director of Faculty Development & Innovation, 2023-Present
Director of Digital Pedagogy, 2021-2023
Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
Educational Programs Manager, 2020-2021
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA. Associate Director of Learning Design, 2019-2020.
Instructional Designer and Faculty Development Specialist, 2017-2019.
Regis College, Weston, MA.
Instructional Designer, 2016-2017
North Shore Community College, Lynn/Danvers, MA.
Coordinator of Instructional Design: 2011-2016
Adjunct Faculty: 2006-Present
Part-Time Faculty Mentor Coordinator: 2008-2010.
Southern New Hampshire University, Online.
Adjunct Academic Partner, 2021-Present
Adjunct Instructor, 2019-2021
University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA.
Visiting Lecturer, 2008-2012
University of Phoenix, Online
Adjunct Faculty, 2009-2012.
Emerson College, Boston, MA
Visiting Lecturer, 2008-2011
Salem State University, Salem MA
Visiting Lecturer, 2007-2011


Faculty Development: Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools in Higher Education, Continuity of Learning During Emergencies, Creating & Using Instructional Videos, Digital Service Learning Projects for Students and Faculty, Flipping the Course—Big & Small Approaches, Group Projects in Online and Hybrid Courses, Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy Design, Hybrid Course Design, Mobile Devices and Learning, OER Resources Program Development, OER Course Development, Online Course Design, Revising Online Courses, Universal Design in Online & Hybrid Learning, Using Comics in Education, Varying Assessment in Online and Hybrid Courses, Wikis for Teaching and Learning.

Learning Management Systems: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance Use an LMS, Preparing for LMS Migration, Using Third Party Vendors in an LMS.

Web 2.0 Workshops: Blogging, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sites, LinkedIn, Prezi, Social Media in Teaching and Learning, VoiceThreads, YouTube.
Other Relevant Workshops: Developing Digital Identities for Students, Digital Skills for Job Searchers and Recent Graduates, Professional Development for Part Time Faculty.


University of Connecticut, December 2023. Invited Talk: We’ll Be AI-Right: Working Through and With the Generative AI Moment
Georgia Institute of Technology, October 2023. Invited Talk: Looking All AIround: A Retrospective & Forward Looking Discussion of Generative AI
Career Counselors Consortium, October 2023. Invited Talk: The Bots (Probably) Won’t Replace Us: Exploring Generative AI in the Employment Landscape
North Shore Community College, October 2023. Invited Talk: AI 101: Possibilities & Considerations of Generative Artificial Intelligence
Boston University, October 2023. Invited Talk: The Good, The Bad, & The AI: Exploring Generative AI in Education.
Northeastern University, September 2023. Invited Talk: Leveraging AI for Career Growth & Professional Opportunities
Husson University, August 2023. Keynote Speaker: The Questions to Be AIsking in Education
Brightpoint Community College, August 2023. Keynote Panel with students: The ConversAItions We Need to Have: Generative AI, Students, and Learning Together
Community-Engaged Alliance, July 2023. Co-Facilitator of 3-Day Workshop on Digital Service-Learning.
Massachusetts Colleges Online Annual Conference, June 2023. Keynote Speaker: Ready or Not, Here AI Come: Exploring the Role of Generative AI in Higher Education
North Shore Community College, June 2023. Summer Institute Invited Speaker: Finding StAIbility in a Shifting LAIndscape
Harvard School of Dental Medicine, May 2023. Invited Talk: Don’t Believe The Hype AND Don’t Panic: Exploring Generative AI in Educational Contexts
Post University, April 2023. Invited Talk: It May Not “Change Everything” But It Will Make Ya Think: Navigating Generative Artificial Intelligence in Educational Contexts
Rhode Island Career Development Association, February 2023, Invited Talk: ChatGPT, AI Generative Tools and Your Career: Parallels, Possibilities, and Problems
Urban College of Boston, Boston, MA, October 2022, Webinar: Hybrid Possibilities: Exploring Modalities of Learning
Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA, May 2022.  Workshop: Hybrid Flexibility: An introduction
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, January 2022. Keynote: Intense and Intentionality: Navigating the Complexities of Hybrid-Flexible Learning Experiences.
North Shore Community College, June 2021. Presentation: Close Readings, Discussions, and Student Voice: Leveraging the Comment Feature for Student Learning and Experience
Providence College, June 2021. Keynote Workshop:  OER’s Secret Level:  Open Pedagogy And Empowering Student Engagement
Campus Compact Office Hours – Guest Speaker, January-April, 2021.  Conducted workshops on digital service-learning, universal design for learning, open educational resources, and online discussions.
Northwest CT Community College, February 2021. Presentation: An Introduction to Hybrid-Flexible Course DesignUniversity of Saint Joseph, January, 2021.  Workshop Designer & Facilitator: Hybrid Flexible During a Pandemic Workshop
Texas Christian University, October 2020. Workshop Designer & Facilitator: Beyond the Semester: Using Open Pedagogy to Make Learning & Activities Have Lasting Impact
University of Saint Joseph, August 2020. Workshop Designer & Facilitator: Hybrid Flexible During a Pandemic Workshop
Campus Compact Webinar, July 2020. Panelist on Engaging Online: Promising Practices in E-Service Learning and Digital Civic Engagement.
Campus Compact Southern New England Coffee Hour, June 2020. Panelist on Digital Service Learning.
Franklin Pierce University, IDEAL Grant Project, January 2019. Presentation and Podcast: Open Pedagogy – Doing By Discipline.
Community Colleges of Rhode Island. Winter Workshop. January 019. Program Developer & Facilitator: Let’s Get Critical: Reflection, Inclusion, and Open Praxis in Teaching and Learning.
Carlow University. CDLI Summer Institute. July, 2018. Keynote Presentation: The Struggle Is Real & Often, Invisible: Accessibility and Universal Design for Online Learning.
North Shore Community College. Liberal Arts Lecture Series. Danvers, MA. April 2018. Vampires Get You Famous, But The Hulk Will Get You Sued: The Intersections of Creativity, Censorship, Copyright and the Commons. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.
Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown, MA. January 2018. Presentation: Making Sure Everyone Gets Pi: The Fundamentals of OER.
South Carolina Technical Colleges, Columbia, SC. October 2017. Workshop: Choosing Wisely and Widely: Implementing Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy to Engage Student Choice, Meet Course Objectives, and Avoid Class Cancellations
Northern Essex Community College, Lawrence, MA. December 2016. Presentation: Digital Service Learning: What’s It All About.
Quinsigamond Community College Technology Conference, January 2016. Co-Keynote: Open to Change: Revisiting Instruction Through the Library and Open Educational Resources (OER).
North Shore Community College’s Forum on Tolerance, October 2015. Presentation: Changing Lives Through Literature: An Introduction.
UMASS Boston‘s Open Ed Forum 2015, March 2015. Guest Panelist, Panel Discussion: Sustaining OE Initiatives on Campus.
University of Massachusetts, Lowell, 2011 Common Text Workshop. . June. Presentation: On Using Comics In the Classroom.
North Shore Community College, 2010 Professional Day. Danvers, MA. March. (Co-Presenter) Presentation: Building Knowledge in the Classroom: Using Wikis in Building Knowledge: Using Wikis in the College Classroom.



  • 2023 NERCOMP Conference, Providence, RI, March 2023.  Organizer & co-facilitator: Institutional Policy Development for AI Generative Tools in Teaching and Learning.
  • NERCOMP Webinar, Virtual, February 2023. Presenter: The Future’s Already Here: AI Generative Tools and Teaching
  • 2022 Northeast OER Summit, Virtual, May 2022. Co-Facilitator. Roundtable: The New OER Frontier: Open Access Publishing
  • Campus Compact 2022, Virtual, March. Lightning Talk: A (Creative) Common Call for Democratizing Knowledge.
  • 2022 Rugters University Online Learning Conference, March. Presenter: Data: What We Lose When We Treat Students As Objects.
  • NERCOMP Annual Conference, Virtual, March, 2021.  Co-presenter: Making Institutes Out of Internships: Adapting Learning Programs in Changing Times.
  • Creative Commons Open Education Platform Lightning Talks. Virtual, December, 2020. Speaker: The Public Dollar: Finding & Flipping the Value of the Commons.
  • 2020 Northeast Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Virtual, October, 2020. Presenter: Adventures in Pop Culture, Teaching, & COVID
  • NERCOMP – Pivotless Semesters: Using Hybrid Flexible Course Design to Navigate Complicated Times. Virtual, November, 2020. Organizer & Speaker.
  • NERCOMP – Effective Online Library Instruction Through Building Connections and Creating Effective Content. Virtual, October, 2020. Presenter.
  • 2020 Massachusetts Colleges Online Conference. Virtual. June, 2020. Presenter: More Adventures In Open Pedagogy
  • NERCOMP – OER Your Library, UMASS Amherst, MA. February, 2020. Co-Organizer and presenter.
  • NERCOMP – Making Accessibility Attainable: A Toolkit for Engaging Your Campus, Southbridge, MA. January, 2020. Presenter: Building your Toolkit – Hands-on Activities.
  • NERCOMP – Partnerships Between Library and Faculty Development. Waltham, MA. October, 2019.  Organizer and facilitator.
  • 2019 Association of Higher Education and Disability Conference. Boston, MA. July 2019.  Co-presenter: The Triple A (AAA) of OER: Accessibility, Availability, and Affordability.
  • 2019 New England Faculty Development Consortium Fall Conference. Putney, VT. June 2019. Co-Presenter: Can You Hear Me Now? Taking Public Speaking Courses Online.
  • 2019 Northeast OER Summit. Amherst, MA, May 2019.  Presenter: Stealing (Sorry, Borrowing) From One Another: An Ideas and Practices Exchange.
  • 2019 New England Region of American Colleges of Research Libraries. Portland, ME, May 2019. Co-Poster-Presenter:  Can I use a LifeLine? Hands-Offs and High Fives Between the Library and Instructional Design Teams.
  • 2019 Eastern Region Campus Compact Conference. Providence, RI. March 2019. Co-Presenter: Digital Service Learning: Leveraging Technology to Expand Service and Community.
  • 2019 NERCOMP Conference. Providence, RI. March 2019.  Co-presenter: Developing and Launching a Course Refresh Initiative.
  • 2019 NERCOMP Conference. Providence, RI. March 2019.  Co-presenter: The Triple A (AAA) of OER: Accessibility, Availability, and Affordability.
  • NERCOMP Creating Engaging Online Courses: A How-to Guide.  Southbridge, MA. January, 2019.  Presentation:  Planning For The Open Journey.
  • NERCOMP: EDU-Hacking: Using the Tools and Tactics We Have to Address Our Challenges, Norwood, MA. November, 2018. Organizer & Presenter.
  • 2018 Northeast Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Worcester, MA. October 2018. Presentation:  Going Online With a Pop Culture Course.
  • Massachusetts Colleges Online 2018 Conference. Framingham, MA. June 2018. Presentation:  Open Pedagogy And the Online Classroom.
  • NERCOMP: Digital Service Learning: Connecting with a Global Community, Norwood, MA. June, 2018. Organizer & Presenter.
  • 2018 NERCOMP Conference. Providence, RI. March 2018. Co-presenter: The Exploded Syllabus: Examining User Experience and Instructional Design in Learning Management Systems
  • 2018 NERCOMP Pre-Conference Workshop. Providence, RI. March 2018. Co-organizer: The Access Pass: Creating Your Universal Design Toolkit for Course.
  • NERCOMP: OER: Obtaining Exceptional Results. Norwood, MA. February 2018. Presentation: Upcycling Courses: Supporting Faculty with Open Pedagogy
  • NERCOMP Webinar. January 2018. Presentation: “Ugh, group work”: Restructuring Group Work & Projects in the Online Course.
  • 2017 New England Faculty Development Consortium Fall Conference. College of the Holy Cross. November 2017. Presentation: Reusing Learning Objects: Open Pedagogy and Student Content
  • 2017 Northeast Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Amherst, MA. October 2017. Presentation:  Wanna Play? Creative Strategies for Teaching Pop Culture.
  • NERCOMP:  Current Trends in OER. Sturbridge, MA. January 2017. Co-Presentation: Free to Learn & Free to Choose: Universal Design & Student Choice with OER
  • 2016 New England Faculty Development Consortium Fall Conference. College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA. November 2016. Digital Service Learning: Taking Volunteering Online.
  • 2016 Massachusetts Colleges Online Annual Conference, June 2016. Co-Presenter: Open, Online & Engaging: OER for the Digital Classroom.
  • 2016 NERCOMP Annual Conference: Providence, RI. March, 2016. Co-Presenter:  Sustainable Models for Creating Open & Affordable Course Materials.
  • NERCOMP: The Socially Networked Classroom & College: Using Social Media in Higher Education, Southbridge, MA. January, 2016. Co-Organizer & Presenter.
  • NERCOMP: Continuity of Learning, October 2015. Presentation: The Snowpocalypse Has Been Postponed Indefinitely: Using Hybrid Flexible Design.
  • 21st Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference, October 2015. Co-presenter: Examining the Building Blocks for an Effective Blended Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Learning Model.
  • Blackboard Day At Bridgewater State University: August 2015. Presentation: Plagiarism-Proofing and Versatility in Assignments in Blackboard.
  • NERCOMP Virtual Workshop, March 2015. Presentation: Exploring Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Snow Days and Love This Format
  • 2015 Innovations Conference: Boston, MA, March 2015. Co-presenter: Connecting the Campus: Models for Cross-Campus Collaborations.
  • ELI Annual Meeting 2015. Virtual Meeting, SEM01- Innovation and Proven Practice in Online and Blended Learning. Presenter: Slice It Any Way You Want: Using Hybrid Flexible Design for Student Learning.
  • NERCOMP: Instructional Design Symposium 2015, Southbridge, MA. January 2015. Facilitator.
  • NERCOMP: Supporting Faculty Teaching Online, Framingham, MA. November 2014. Co-Presenter: Redesigning Through Universal Design.
  • NERCOMP: “F5” Your Online Course: Redesigning and Updating Online Courses, Norwood, MA. June 2014. Co-Organizer & Presenter.
  • 2014 Massachusetts Colleges Online Annual Conference, Bridgewater State University, June, 2014. Presentation #1: Choose Your Own EdVenture: Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy; Presentation #2: Developing Accessible Content for Student Success
  • 2014 Technology Summit, Suffolk University, May 2014. Presentation: Flexing with Technology:  Using Your LMS and Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy.
  • 2014 Teaching and Learning Conference, North Shore Community College, May 2014. Presentation: Choice by Design:  Using Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy to Empower Students.
  • 2013 New England Faculty Development Consortium Fall Conference. College of the Holy Cross. November. Poster Presentation:  Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy: Engagement by Expansive Choice
  • 2013 North East Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Saint Michael’s College. October. Presentation:  Hyde’ous Evolution: Exploring How the Dwarfish Hyde Became the Monstrous Hulk in the Classroom. Panel Chair:  Comics & Graphic Novels
  • NERCOMP: Creative Outreach – Supporting Academic Software with Flair. Norwood, MA. September 2013. Co-Presenter:  Putting a Face on Academic Technology
  • 2013 Ed-Tech Day. Bridgewater State University. August: Co-Presenter: Supporting Online Group Work with Google Apps
  • 2013 Massachusetts Colleges Online Annual Conference. Bridgewater State University. June. Co-Presenter: Developing Accessible Content for Student Success.
  • 2013 Massachusetts Community College: Teaching, Learning, and Student Development Conference. Middlesex Community College. April. Presentation:  Where Faculty Fear to Tread:  Role Modeling Civility in a Digital World
  • NERCOMP Virtual Workshop. November 2012. (Co-Presenter) Presentation:  Google Apps in the Classroom
  • 2012 Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Boston, MA. April. Presentation:  Sterling’s Sidekicks – Audience Creation and the Rise of the Sidekick in \ Early Superhero Comics
  • The Monster Inside Us, The Monsters Around Us: Monstrosity and Humanity. De Montfort University, UK, November 2011. Presentation:  Boundless Monstrosity: The Evolution and Intertextual Development of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Panel Chair:  Monstrous Humans/Human Monsters, Speaking and Writing the Monstrous
  • 2011 North East Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Danbury, CT. November. Presentation:  Boundless Monstrosity: The Evolution and Intertextual Development of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Panel Chair:  Comics & Graphic Novels
  • 2011 North Shore Community College’s IT Fluency Summer Institute. Danvers, MA. June. Presentation:  Wikis, Blogs, and Web 2.0 Projects. 
  • 2010 Film & History Conference. Milwaukee, WI. November. (Co-Presenter) Presentation:  Who Am I Cheering for Again? Viewer Identification of Self, Group and Other in District 9. Area Chair:  For Love of the Fans: Comic Film Adaptations and Fandom
  • 2010 North East Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Boston, MA. October. (Co-Presenter) Presentation:  Human Alien-nation: District 9 and the Redirection of Empathy. Panel ChairComics, Perspectives and Social Understandings
  • 2009 Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Boston, MA. November. Presentation:  The (Super) War on Terror: Superhero Alternatives to 9/11 and Its Aftermath
  • 2009 North East Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. Bay City, NY. October. Presentation:  Strokes of Genius:  Gareth Hinds’ Adaptation of King Lear and Other Classics
  • 2009 World History Association Annual Conference. Salem, MA. June: Presentation:  Drawing Connections:  On Using Comics in the Classroom
  • 2009 Joint Conference of Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association. New Orleans, LA. April. Presentation:  Voices In My Head: Stephen King’s Dynamic Relationship With Audiobooks
  • The Comic Book in Popular Culture. Bowling Green State University, Ohio, October 2008. Presentation:  Framing History: The Use of Comics for History
  • 2008 Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association Annual Conference. UMASS, Dartmouth. October. Presentation:  Zombie Resurgence: The Undead (and Un-Christian) Enemy of Post 9/11 America. Panel ChairPanels Without Borders:  Expanding Comic Scholarship2008 Florida Conference of Historians. Jacksonville, FL. March. Presentation:  Readership and Identity in Early Superhero Comics


Social Media Strategist, Higher Education Program, University of Massachusetts, Boston (2016-2019)
Social Media Strategist, North East Popular Culture Association (NEPCA) (2014-2019)
Participant in Social Media Group at North Shore Community College, (2012-2016)
Social Media Strategist, North East Regional Computer Program (NERCOMP) (November, 2012-2015)
Social Media Strategist,Immersive Education Initiative iED Summit, 2013.
Social Media Consultant for Ford Hall Forum (October, 2012)


Program Development Opportunity Track Coordinator for Teaching and Learning for NERCOMP (2023-Present)
Program Development Opportunity Track Coordinator for Libraries and Scholarship in the 21st Century for NERCOMP (2019-2023)
Peer Reviewer: First Monday (2019-Present)
Executive Secretary, Northeast Popular Culture Association, (2018-Present)
Peer Reviewer: Journal of Effective Teaching in Higher Education (2019-Present)
Member, Board of Trustees, Puppet Showplace Theatre, Brookline, MA (2019-Present)
Mentor, Open Education for a Better World (2017-present)
Peer Reviewer, Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy (2018-Present)
Peer Reviewer, International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (May 2017-Present)
Peer Reviewer, Syllabus Journal ( 2017-Present)
Area Chair for Teaching Popular Culture for NEPCA (2013-Present)
Judge for the Audio Publishers Association’s Audie Awards, 2004-Present
Grant Reviewer, Open Textbooks Pilot. U.S. Dept of Education. (September, 2018).
Member, Board of Directors for Salem State University Alumni Association, (2014-2016)
Class Facilitator for Changing Lives Through Literature Program (2014- 2015)
Executive Council At-Large Member for NEPCA (2010-2016)
Area Chair for Comics/Graphic Novels for NEPCA (2008-2013)


  • AI + Education=Simplified Newsletter (2023-Present)
  • By Any Other Nerd Blog (Owner/Writer 2010-Present)
  • AudioFile Magazine (Reviewer 2005-2020)
  • Brattle Theatre Film Notes Blog (Writer 2018-2019)
  • Publisher’s Weekly (Reviewer 2005-2019)
  • NSCC Learning, Education, Technology and Support Blog (Administrator/Writer 2011-2016)
  • Library Journal (Reviewer/Interviewer 2008-2012)
  • (Blogger 2010-2011)
  • (Reviewer 2005-2009)
  • (Reviewer 2005-2009)
  • Foreword Magazine (Reviewer 2006-2007)


  • Recipient for the 2018 Massachusetts Colleges Online’s Course of Distinction Award for North Shore Community College.
  • Recipient for the 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty at North Shore Community College.
  • Recipient of Technology Across the Curriculum Grant at North Shore Community College, 2013 to develop an hybrid-flexible course.
  • Participant in the ROC Association for Dutch International ConneXions Faculty Exchange Program, 2009-2010 and 2012-2013
  • Recipient of the University of Massachusetts-Lowell English Department Commendation for College Writing II Syllabus Evaluation, Spring, 2011
  • Recipient of Technology Across the Curriculum Grant at North Shore Community College, 2011 to develop an online course.
  • Judge for the National Popular Culture Association’s Annual Inge Award, 2009
  • Participant in the National Endowment for the Humanities Workshop for Illustrating the Gilded Age: Political Cartoons and the Press in American Politics and Culture, 1877-1901, May, 2008
  • Graduate Fellow at Suffolk University, 2006-2008
  • Presidential Scholar at Salem State University, 1997-2001


Academic Piracy. Blended Learning. Comics. Digital Identity. Digital Service Learning. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Teaching and Learning. Film and Film Genre. Flexible Learning. Gender and Sexuality. Higher Education and the Public Good. History. Horror. Hybrid Flexible Course Design. Instructional Design. Literature. Online Teaching and Learning. Open Access Research. Open Educational Resources. Popular Culture. Social Media and Pedagogy. Techno-capital in Higher Education. Universal Design for Learning. Video Games and Pedagogy. Web 2.0 and Teaching.