Professional Identity in a Digital World

In a world of social media, how do you navigate and represent yourself in the digital world? When employers, colleagues, and even potential dates are likely to "google" you before any meeting, you need to develop and maintain a professional identity in a digital world. My services would help the individual or the organization craft a clear and consistent online identity through proper tool selection and regular maintenance.

Social Media for Individuals and Small Organizations

Navigating what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and whom to say it to on social media is a complicated matrix of decisions that I can help the individual or organization make or even regularly maintain.  I will aid you in choosing the right platforms, the right tools, the right approach, and the right messages while also helping you to navigate profile configurations and accumulate interactions.

Nonprofit Organization in the Digital Age

Nonprofits must navigate a trickier path in the Digital Age as their online identity must juggle several different populations involved in the nonprofit including the people receiving services, volunteers, contributors, employees, the community, and affiliates.  I can work with these dynamics to help craft social media and online guidelines that address these different dynamics while also allowing for nonprofits to maximize the potential of interactions with the various groups they are connected with.   

Online Education: Design and Deployment

Whether planning for adolescent, college-level, or adult learners, I can work with an organization to develop a robust online education program to address the needs of the organization, the educator, and the learners.  I can also be utilized as the educator depending upon the subject matter, resources, and time commitment of the project.

Digital Service Learning

As colleges and universities continue to engage in service learning and consider the role of civic engagement within higher education, the role of the internet and the associative digital tools that can be used to improve the world will continue to be part of the conversation.  I have executed and guided faculty and institutes on how to design and implement service learning projects that lean on digital tools to successful serve the needs of different communities both locally and globally.

Creativity in Course Design and Development

The changing dynamics of information, information delivery, and learning in the 21st century requires new and non-traditional approaches to education, teaching, and learning.  I can work with your organization to find better ways to develop and launch courses that provide the training and learning necessary in a form that is most useful to the learners. 

Professional Development for Education

Support for educators can come in many forms but professional development is a proven method to not only keep faculty and educators up to date about new and useful tactics, resources, and research, but also an opportunity to build collegiality and collaboration within your organization.  I can work with your organization to develop one-time or ongoing professional development for your faculty and educators in traditional face-to-face, hybrid, or online formats.  

Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy in Higher Education

Higher education will need to be more flexible with the rise of MOOCs, adaptive learning, and other tools or technologies that challenge or rival traditional methods of learning exemplified by higher education.  I will work individuals, departments, divisions, or the entire college or university to craft a more flexible and dynamic deployment of education to meet your learners where they are and help them achieve success.   

Open Education Initiative

Open Education is a sweeping movement throughout the country.  I have had several years experience in working with open educational resources, developing open educational resources, and launching an open educational initiative.  I can work with your institute or organization to determine the right course of action in pursuing open educational resources.

I am available for presentations, workshops, and consultations on the following subject (and others upon special request).  For more information, please use the Contact page.