After finishing his third degree (Masters of  Education with a concentration on Instructional Design), Lance Eaton has taken up four new projects for the next few years.  He's been a writer since middle school and has easily written over a million words, including hundreds of audiobook, books, and graphic novel reviews, academic publications, blog posts, and interviews.  But he has yet to write a book.  Actually, that's not entirely true.  He wrote a book in high school.  He wrote it two and a half times.  The first time was in Freshman year of high school.  It was a 160+ single-spaced page work that was atrocious.  He proceeded to re-write it sophomore year.  He got 80 pages into it and lost it (Despite it, being backed up).  He wrote it again his Junior year and finished it.  400+ double-spaced pages.  It was still ugly and he occasionally looks at the document and cringes after reading several pages.  But he wants to spend the next few years writing books.

Teaching History With Comics

This book will blend his knowledge of comics, history, and teaching to provide a substantial text on the best ways to utilize comics in a history classroom.  This is the priority project as it already has a publisher, contract, and deadline.

The Pop Culture Chronicles

The first book is not being "written" in so much as it is being curated and edited.  This book will pull together various essays on popular culture from his blog.  It would be self-published and mostly be out there just for people's interest.  The act is more one of learning about the procedure and thinking about the process as well as thinking about the challenges and needs as relate to the editing process before he goes through with the second book.

Fatboy Shuffle

The second book will be a much more original and important work--at least for him.  The book will be a memoir that reflects on his health and the journey he has made over the last 25 years to attain some means of health along with the many dead ends he has  encountered on that journey.  

Hybrid Flexible Pedagogy Course Design

For the aforementioned Masters of Education, he worked on creating a hybrid flexible course that he will be teaching in the near future.  A hybrid-flexible course allows for a student to take the course entirely online, entirely face-to-face or to switch back and forth as the child sees fit.  He will be teaching the course for an American Literature I course but plans to create resources, templates, and other materials for other instructors and institutions to use and build upon.

PhD in Higher Education

In June, 2015, I began my PhD program at University of Massachusetts, Boston in Higher Education.  The program is a fantastic cohort model that works to help students explore leadership, scholarship, community, and social justice as it relates to higher education.  It's a very collaborative experience and I find myself in a cohort with some amazing classmates and faculty.‚Äč

Current Projects