I'm Lance Eaton,  a writer, educator, instructional designer and social media consultant in Watertown, Massachusetts.  This website serves as my professional online presence and highlights my past, current and future writings, activities, and projects. I have earned degrees in History, Criminal Justice, American Studies, Public Administration, and Instructional Design.  I'm currently working on my PhD in Higher Education at University of Massachusetts, Boston.  My writing has been published in local newspapers, trade magazines, academic journals, books, and encyclopedias.  I have been an active producer of content on the internet for over 15 years including my blog, a YouTube channel, and various other contributions as far back as Geocities (for those that remember that site!).  I have substantial experience working with youth, nonprofit organizations, higher education, and online organizations.   

About Lance Eaton

Brief Biography

Lance Eaton was born in Massachusetts in 1979.  He has spent his life largely on the North Shore of Massachusetts, living mostly in Peabody but several other surrounding towns and cities.  Early on, his parents (for good or bad) gave him unprecedented access to a computer.  Mainstream internet was still in its infancy and thus, he would regularly log onto Prodigy to email (maximum of 30 a month) and play games like Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego (he never won).  
At this young age (middle school), he began playing on the "internet" and also began writing a lot on the computer (the quality of which was really bad, but he gets an "A" for persistence).    He wrote a book his freshman year of high school.  It was about 165 pages single space and badly written (trust me on this!).  In his sophomore year, he re-wrote the book up to about 80 pages and it was much better.  But unfortunately, he lost the file (even though he backed it up).  But in his junior year, he wrote the book for the third time.  It was over 400 pages double-spaced and marginally better than the first time.  He still has the book and revisits it occasionally after a stiff drink.  

Internet exploration continued throughout high school and he eventually started to play around with websites (He willingly admits to having a website on the famous "Geocities" website).  He taught himself HTML and even in the late 1990s and early 2000s did some freelance website design.  He also for several years ran his own website, 
Canex Domain (keep in mind, he was a late-teenager and in his early 20s with lots of thoughts to work through and openly admits, it like his current blog is often where he's trying on ideas as opposed to being absolutely sure of things).

In college, he minored in English (writing) and also took a few web-related courses to reinforce his work.  Out of college, he began work as 
an Internet Product Editor at an online retailer.  He also started working on an audiobook site and that led to the opportunity to review audiobooks.  Shortly after the site's demise (he swears it wasn't his fault), he began reviewing audiobooks for Publishers Weekly and Audiofile Magazine (and has been since).  

While he enjoyed the online editor gig, the environment wasn't what he desired, so after finishing a second degree (Associate's in Criminal Justice) and starting a Master's Program (American Studies), he left that place of employment and started to work in residential programs with youth in transition.  Upon finishing his first Master's Degree, he promptly started a second Master's Degree (Public Administration) and also started teaching as a 
part-time instructor at North Shore Community College and eventually Salem State University (ok, it was "College" at the time) as well as other college and universities in Massachusetts.  

He quickly found himself working in residential programs, teaching at several colleges, writing for a few magazines, and finishing up the second Master's Degree.  After doing this for a few years, an opportunity opened up at North Shore Community College.  He applied for Coordinator of Instructional Design.  He apparently impressed everyone enough to be hired and has been working there since.  Of course, he then proceeded to acquire Master's Degree #3 (Education and focus on Instructional Design) which he finished in 
December 2013.  As of 2017, Lance currently works as the Instructional Designer at Brandeis University in the Rabb School for Continuing Studies.